Lumby Days is fast approaching, and I’m so excited! Don’t forget, the Monashee Arts
Council is sponsoring a photography contest and an art show again this year. There is
still time to enter your photos and/or artwork! Deadline for dropping off entries is not
until June 2

In keeping with the theme for Lumby Days 2023, ‘In the Good Ol’ Summertime’ is the
theme this year for both the contest and the art show. Run dates for both are Saturday
June 10th and Sunday June 11th.
There are three categories for the photo contest this year – Animals, Mountains &
Trails, and Activities/Recreation – and each contestant may enter up to three photos.
You may choose to distribute your photos between the 3 categories, or you may even
decide to enter 3 photos in the same category – it’s up to you.
The art show is open to all mediums. As mentioned above, the theme for new artwork
submitted for Lumby Days is ‘In the Good ol’ Summertime’ theme. Since the
Community Art Class program has been so successful this year, we will also be
showcasing some of the amazing artwork the program’s participants have created.
Finally, we are introducing the Gill Kopy Memorial award this year. This award is a
tribute to Gill, and is in recognition of her dedication and enthusiasm for everything
she involved herself in. We are so thankful that we had a chance to get to know her,
and grateful that she chose our organization as one of the recipients of her energy
and ideas.